Hi, I'm mecoh!

A photographer + creative. I approach my work through a storytelling lens and explore different mediums to express my creative energy. You can find me sharing written work on my minimalist lifestyle, creativity, motherhood, travel and everything in between on my blog

The type of work that sets my heart on fire is documentary photography. I love working with families and creatives. I find my inspiration through travel, so you can expect to see stories of adventure sprinkled here and there. 

This space will continually evolve as I do. I was recently torn between having two spaces, one for my photography work and the other for my blog, a little unconventional but having separate spaces didn't feel right. The photography work I like to create is intimate. I ask families to open their home to me, I ask creatives to share their sacred spaces, and I'm honoured the privilege of sharing pieces of their stories - their rhythm and ritual. Its important for people to know me, and feel comfortable, as if we were friends all along.  

Things I love: the way my daughter stretches in the morning, a fresh cup of coffee, hugs, podcasts, creating with my hands, playing crib after a family dinner, a brand new planner, and walking barefoot on the beach.

If the universe has taught me anything, it is to never underestimate the power of storytelling and community. We all need a space to share and connect to find a place of belonging. This is mine. Lastly, I'm up for (almost) anything and my suitcase is always packed. If you have an event you need a documentary photographer for, let's work together! If you'd like to see more of my work take a peek at my recent sessions or search #mdstorytelling on IG

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With gratitude,